Truck Yard presents No Pants Party

Truck Yard is hosting a No Pants Party. But the fun concept, which mimics New York’s annual No Pants Subway Ride, has a serious mission: to provide clothing donations to the flood victims in Baton Rouge.

For one evening, Truck Yard will be teeming with people running around in their underwear. There will be a “No Pants Zone” in the tree house area, so pantless individuals can feel the support and camaraderie of their fellow pants-free patrons.

Aside from this being a great cause, Truck Yard is upping the ante and offering a free beer or cocktail to everyone who donates. However, for those that plan to drop their pants at the door, we will be giving you two free beers or cocktails. There will be clotheslines for people to hang their pants on, and at the end of the night, Truck Yard will collect all donations for cleaning before sending them to Baton Rouge.

Of course, there are a couple rules. For starters, everyone must be wearing underwear. And, no thongs. But otherwise, it’s a freewheeling, pants-free good time that can net participants a free drink and, most importantly, provide Baton Rouge families with some desperately needed clothing.

Event Details


9.3.16 | 9:00 pm


Truck Yard
5623 Sears St.
Dallas, TX 75206


Ticket Info

Admission is free.