Undermain Theatre presents The Lady from the Sea

Undermain Theatre presents The Lady from the Sea
Photo by Katherine Owens

Undermain returns to the Classics with Ibsen’s rarely seen drama, The Lady From the Sea. Ellida, a lighthouse-keeper's daughter, is trapped on an island in her marriage and longs for the sea. The conflict in the mermaid-like Ellida Wangel is between her duty to her devoted husband and her attraction to a mysterious, seagoing stranger from her past. Her duty to convention takes second place to an otherworldly awareness of more mystical bonds challenging her wedding vows.

Written in 1888, years after A Doll’s House but before Hedda Gabler, The Lady From the Sea continues Ibsen’s exploration of the imbalances of marriage and a woman’s need for freedom. It is haunting and delightfully real in its display of this world and the otherworld, with both containing an intoxicating desire to be set free.

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11.15.18 | 7:30 pm
11.16.18 | 7:30 pm
11.17.18 | 7:30 pm
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11.18.18 | 2:00 pm
11.21.18 | 7:30 pm
11.23.18 | 7:30 pm
11.24.18 | 7:30 pm
11.25.18 | 2:00 pm
11.28.18 | 7:30 pm
11.29.18 | 7:30 pm
11.30.18 | 7:30 pm
12.1.18 | 7:30 pm
12.2.18 | 2:00 pm


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