Uptown Players presents Art and Science

Uptown Players presents Art & Science
Photo by Mike Morgan

Uptown Players will present the premiere of Art and Science, written by James Wesley. Based on a real-life event, Adam visits his former elderly voice teacher, Robert, to discover he's had a stroke and is partially paralyzed. In spite of Adam's urging, Robert refuses to go to the hospital and seek medical attention because he's a Christian Scientist.

Reluctantly, Adam feels he has no choice but to stay and try to help Robert, who is feeling more and more effects from the stroke. As the play unfolds, they both learn about and address their long-held resentments towards each other and struggle to find acceptance.

The production will take place in Frank’s Place at the Kalita Humphreys Theater.

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6.15.14 | 2:30 pm
6.14.14 | 7:45 pm
6.13.14 | 7:45 pm
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6.8.14 | 2:30 pm
6.7.14 | 7:45 pm
6.6.14 | 7:45 pm
6.1.14 | 2:30 pm
5.31.14 | 7:45 pm
5.30.14 | 7:45 pm


3636 Turtle Creek Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75219


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