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Granada Theater

A haven for indie music lovers

The Granada Theater is where indie music lovers congregate, thanks to owner Mike Schroder, CD World owner and music enthusiast, who envisioned a better music venue for Dallas when he took over in 2004. The art deco style of the original 1940s first-run movie theater remains intact, as do a lot of the mural and other interior features. But these days the sound and lighting is much improved to attract the likes of Old 97's, Eleven Hundred Springs, The Killdares and Adam Ant, among others. Music fans also have access to a full bar and bar bites such as Shiner Bock-braised brisket or tacos stuffed with hand-pulled roasted chicken, that Shiner Bock brisket or black beans. 

3524 Greenville Ave.
Dallas, TX 75206
  • Alcohol Available
  • Live Music

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