K.T. Burger

Tormented spot in Highland Park Village that was once Marquee Grill, then Village Marquee, then Village Kitchen and Toko V, now serves burgers and shakes. The "K.T." refers to the Katy Trail Ice House chain of which K.T. Burger is a little cousin. It's a fast-casual format with a funkier atmosphere — recycle dwood, exposed brick — where you order at the counter. The menu includes burgers, tacos, cheese fries and jalapeño bottle caps.


32 Highland Park Village
Dallas, TX 75205


Open Now
Sun: 11 am-10 pm
Mon: 11 am-10 pm
Tue: 11 am-10 pm
Wed: 11 am-10 pm
Thu: 11 am-10 pm
Fri: 11 am-10 pm
Sat: 11 am-10 pm