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Texas alum starts campaign to get famous Wendy's cashier off streets

Texas alum starts campaign to get famous Wendy's cashier off streets

If you're a University of Texas alum from the past decade or so, chances are you remember an unassuming hero from the Texas Union. Ishmael Mohammed Jr., known simply as "Junior" to hoards of Longhorns, was the beloved face of Wendy's — and the fastest cashier in the West.

Junior, who broke the world record for most sales in a fast food restaurant in under 30 minutes, worked at the University of Texas from 1998-2012. The subject of a SXSW documentary, Junior in the spotlight again — this time as the beneficiary of a GoFundMe campaign set up by a former UT student. 

At 9 am on February 7, Benjamin McPhaul, data director at the Republican Party of Texas, started a campaign to "Help UT Wendy's Guy Get off the Streets."

"Last night [February 6, 2014], my fiancee and I ran into Junior on the street near Campus," the campaign reads. "His mother passed away and left him homeless. This breaks my heart and I want to help, but I can't do it alone. Let's raise some money to get Junior back on his feet!! All proceeds will go towards getting Junior a place to live and a job." 

It didn't take long for social media to do its thing: Within hours of the campaign's launch, the $2,000 goal was met; the total was nearing $25,000 as of 11 am Saturday morning. McPhaul also reached out to Junior! The Wendy's Guy documentary filmmaker Stephen Stephanian, who plans to help with the cause. 

Although the GoFundMe goal has long since been met, donations are still being accepted. Regarding the funds, McPhaul says he plans to work with a social worker and is looking into affordable housing options for Junior's future.

Wendy's guy Junior GoFundMe campagin
Wendy's cashier Junior was a UT icon from 1998-2014. Photo courtesy of GoFundMe