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Escaped convict shot dead near Grapevine Lake, ending manhunt

Alberto Morales
Alberto Morales, 42, escaped police custody on February 12 in Grapevine.  Grapevine Police Department
Grapevine Lake
Morales was shot and killed in a wooded area near Grapevine Lake on February 16.

Just after midnight on Saturday, escaped convict Alberto Morales was shot and killed by authorities near Grapevine Lake. Morales, 42, had been on the lam for four days.

On Monday, Morales was on his way to a Nevada prison to serve a sentence for sexual battery. He was being escorted by police from Miami but reportedly caused so much trouble on a commercial flight to Nevada that he was not allowed onboard the plane after a layover in Houston.

 Although the search was once extended across the state, Morales was found just a few miles from where he escaped.

That led to two officers driving Morales in a rental car en route to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. But when Morales was left alone with one officer while the other used the restroom at a Grapevine Wal-Mart, he stabbed officer Jamie Pardinas in the neck and back. Morales was seen on video surveillance fleeing the scene. 

The manhunt included police forces from Grapevine, Southlake, Fort Worth and Miami, as well as U.S. Marshals. Grapevine Police Department issued a statement early Saturday morning declaring the search over and Morales dead. 

Around 10:35 pm Friday, police were alerted of a home burglary near Grapevine Lake. Men's clothing and jewelry were stolen, leading police to believe that Morales was involved.

According to Grapevine Police, a Fort Worth Police Department helicopter spotted Morales in a wooded area. Authorities reportedly tried to apprehend the felon, but he was shot and killed in the process. 

By Saturday morning, thousands of people had already expressed their thanks and appreciation to Grapevine police on its Facebook page. 

Although the manhunt had once been extended across the state, Morales was found just a few miles from the Wal-Mart parking lot where he escaped. Grapevine Police are still investigating Morales' capture and death. 

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