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Dallas judge who claimed he saved girlfriend's life during alleged assault won't be charged

Dallas judge won't be charged for allegedly assaulting girlfriend

Judge Carlos Cortez
Dallas Judge Carlos Cortez will not be charged with assault for his actions in a 2013 dispute with his girlfriend. Judge Carlos Cortez/Facebook

State District Judge Carlos Cortez will not be charged with family violence for his actions in a dispute with his girlfriend on December 28, 2013. A Dallas County grand jury no-billed the felony assault charge against Cortez on February 20. Because grand jury proceedings are private, no further information was available.

Cortez, 44, was arrested on December 28 when his 26-year-old girlfriend told police that Cortez had strangled her, leaned her over the edge of a balcony and threatened to kill her. The alleged assault occurred around 1 am, after Cortez and his girlfriend had been drinking for several hours.

Following his arrest, Cortez's attorney, Andy Korn, issued a statement saying that the allegations were false. "If necessary, it will be shown in the proper forum that Judge Cortez actually saved her life," Korn wrote.

Cortez, who has been on the bench since 2006, is up for reelection in March 2014. Cortez's personal life has previously been under suspicion following a mysterious lawsuit alleged to contain sordid tales of prostitutes and drug use.

In a sworn affidavit, Cortez's girlfriend stated that their 13-month relationship was rife with physical abuse. "I have been reluctant and fearful of reporting the abuse due to Carlos' political status as a judge," the woman wrote. "Carlos repeatedly warned me that disclosing his abuse and threats would not be heard because of his status and position."

Attorney Pete Schulte, who also represents Cortez, announced the no-bill news on Twitter.