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Dallas police make arrest in murder of man enjoying snowfall for first time

Police make arrest in murder of man enjoying snowfall for first time

A suspect has been arrested in the murder of Ahmed Al-Jumaili, who was shot on March 4 while enjoying the snowfall outside his apartment at the Walnut Bend complex at 9944 Walnut St., near Audelia Road in Dallas.

Nykerion Nealon, 17, was arrested for the murder on March 12, after being identified by a witness.

Al-Jumaili and his brother and wife went outside at 11:40 pm to enjoy the snowfall. It was the first time he had ever seen snow. He had only recently moved to the Dallas area from Iraq.

His wife was taking photos of him and his brother when gunfire erupted. According to his wife, he said, "I'm hit," then ran to his apartment where he died shortly after midnight.

Witnesses observed four males enter the apartment complex and heard multiple shots fired. The weapon used was an assault rifle. On March 7, video was released showing four suspects leaving the scene from the elementary school next to the location. Nealon can be seen carrying an assault rifle and, according to police, he's easily identified by an unusual "military-style" hat.

On March 10, a witness walked into the Richardson Police Department with information about Al-Jumaili's murder, including a nickname for the possible suspect, "Kaca."

Major Jeff Cotner from the Dallas Police Department said that an investigation was still ongoing regarding the other three men seen on the video.

Snowfall murder
Suspects caught via video surveillance. Photo courtesy of DPD
Ahmed Al-Jumaili
Ahmed Al-Jumaili was enjoying snow for the first time. Photo courtesy of DPD
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