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Reunion Tower observation deck to shed new light on Dallas this fall

Dallas skyline, reunion tower
Reunion Tower's observation deck, closed for six years, is set to reopen in fall 2013. Photo by Claire St. Amant
Rendering of Reunion Tower observation deck
A rendering of the observation deck at Reunion Tower, which shows interactive displays around the perimeter and a map of Dallas on the floor. Photo courtesy of Hunt Consolidated, Inc.
Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck at Reunion Tower in Dallas
Five Sixty, the restaurant on the top level, will be joined by a quick-dining option and bar on the middle level. Photo courtesy of Five Sixty
Dallas skyline, reunion tower
Rendering of Reunion Tower observation deck
Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck at Reunion Tower in Dallas

Reunion Tower, perhaps the most iconic building in the downtown Dallas skyline, is about become whole once more. Six years after the tower's observation deck was "temporarily closed" for renovations, it will finally reopen to public in fall 2013.

What's taken so long? Blame the economy. According to a December 2011 Dallas Morning News article, the country's economic woes in 2008 led to unforeseen design delays, which obviously took longer to rectify than anyone had anticipated.

But those problems are now part of the past. The new-and-improved observation deck offers not only a fantastic view of the city, but also multiple opportunities for guests to get closer to the buildings below, including telescopes, high-definition cameras, and an interactive display around the perimeter of the deck. A rendering of the new deck also shows a map of the city on the floor.

In a statement, Ray L. Hunt, president and CEO of Hunt Consolidated, Inc., said they're trying to move the 35-year-old tower into the 21st century.

"Our belief now is that the tower has a personal interactive relationship with the people who live in and visit Dallas, and our plans are to create a one-of-a-kind observation deck experience," he said.

The new observation deck, which will occupy the bottom level of the three-level sphere, is not the only change coming to Reunion Tower.

The Wolfgang Puck group, which also operates the restaurant Five Sixty on the top level, will now offer a quick-service dining option for observation deck visitors on the middle level, which is currently only used for private events. The middle level will also have a bar that will be open to the public at night.

Construction is expected to begin this month, with a specific opening date to be announced later this year.

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