Unusual Surveys

You'll never guess what word most Dallas residents wonder about on Dictionary.com

You'll never guess what word most Dallas residents look up online

It seems every company is looking for new ways to understand its customers. The folks are Dictionary.com are no exception. After combing through over 85 million downloads and 70 million unique users, the digital wordsmiths laid down some revealing data about the most popular searches in cities across the nation.

The most popular search in Dallas, ironically, revealed a penchant for privacy. The word "peep," which was viewed about 46 times more than the national average, earned first place.

"Wayside" came in at a distant second, followed by "lingo," "metalloid" and "hypoxia," the inadequate oxygenation of the blood. Dallas' top ten list also included the words fanfare, biological, ajar, casualty and lurk.

Meanwhile, in our nation's capital the words "gun control" and "whig" were at the top of the list. Elsewhere, Denver has an exceptionally large interest in ice-fog and marmots, and residents of Jacksonville were 246 times more likely than the rest of the county to look up the word "geewhiz."

To determine each city's most popular words, Dictionary.com scanned all searches in major U.S. cities from February to March and compared the data to national averages.

No one knows what words you look up in a physical dictionary, but your online search history is an open book. Photo by Christopher Woods