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Dallas-area drivers have it easy when it comes to speeding tickets

Dallas-area drivers have it easy when it comes to speeding tickets

Everybody hates getting a speeding ticket, but according to financial website NerdWallet, if you're going to get caught speeding anywhere in the state of Texas, the Dallas-Fort Worth area is ideal for keeping costs down.

That's because area drivers see vastly lower percentage-wise increases to their auto insurance policies after they're busted for going 15 MPH or more over the speed limit. Out of the 154 Texas locales surveyed, cities in Dallas, Tarrant, Collin and Rockwall counties accounted for 22 of the lowest average percentage increases.

In fact, all of the top five cities — those with the least expensive insurance increases after a speeding ticket — were in North Texas: Flower Mound, Garland, Sachse, The Colony and Coppell.

All of those cities, however, could be considered suburban, which might explain their low rankings. Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington proper are all a bit higher on the list, though none of them cracked the top 100.

Where don't you want to live if you have a need for speed? Lubbock, which came in at No. 1, or anywhere in the Austin area, which accounted for three of the top five cities, including Austin itself.

NerdWallet notes that insurance premiums, which take in factors like crime rate, number of uninsured drivers, median income and the weather, are notoriously wide-ranging even within the same city, so their averages aren't necessarily gospel. But even if they're close, it's another mark in the pro column for living in Dallas-Fort Worth.

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If you're pulled over by one of these guys, it's likely you won't end up paying as much as if you lived elsewhere in Texas. Dallas Police/Facebook