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SMU lives up to nickname in Texas but still costs less than pricey peers

SMU lives up to nickname in Texas but still costs less than peers

Dallas Hall from SMU campus with fountain
SMU's pricey tuition is still thousands of dollars less than all of the top 10 most expensive colleges nationwide.  Wikimedia Commons

A recent survey suggests Dallas’ SMU lives up to its nickname, “Southern Millionaires University.” EcollegeFinder has released a map that illustrates the most expensive colleges in all 50 states based on total out-of-state costs, and SMU took top honors in Texas.

Located in the heart of the Park Cities, it’s hard to miss this picturesque, red-brick institution, where countless Range Rovers, Porches and Mercedes continually parade through campus. The private university with just over 6,200 undergraduates costs approximately $56,089 per year.

But according to the website, which helps match students and schools, that price tag is still thousands of dollars less than any of the 10 most expensive colleges nationwide.

The No. 1 most expensive school in the United States is Sarah Lawrence College in New York, where out-of-state tuition is $61,836. Following close behind is Illinois’ University of Chicago at $60,096 and New Hampshire’s Dartmouth College at $59,802.

To determine the most expensive schools — and keep in mind that this map only includes the priciest one in each state, as opposed to the most expensive overall — EcollegeFinder looked at data from College Calc and used lists from Forbes, Yahoo! Finance and CNN Money.

On the cheaper end of the spectrum is the University of Wyoming in Laramie, with a rather “low” out-of-state cost of $23,712 per year. Guess that’s where I’ll be sending my kids.