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Police say East Dallas man who shot burglar will not face charges

Police say East Dallas man who shot burglar will not face charges

It's no secret that Texas gun owners have a lot of protection when it comes to using deadly force to defend their home and property. Police say that Emilio Paez, 40, did nothing wrong by shooting a man burglarizing his storage shed in East Dallas.

According to police, around 5:30 am on June 24, Paez awoke to a security alarm at his home in the 2700 block of Blyth Drive. He grabbed his .45-caliber handgun and headed outside with four witnesses in tow.

That's when Paez spotted a man leaving his storage shed with two weed eaters. Police say Paez fired at the suspect six times, hitting him at least twice.

The suspect dropped the stolen lawn equipment and fled the scene. Police found Festus Johnson, a 35-year-old man matching the description of the burglar, bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds a few blocks from the scene of the crime. Johnson was transported to Baylor Hospital and treated for his injuries.

Johnson is being charged with burglary of a building. The Texas Penal code allows for the use of "deadly force to recover stolen property during a nighttime theft." Dallas police spokesperson Monica Cordova says Paez will not face any criminal charges for shooting Johnson. 

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A Dallas man shot a burglar with a handgun on June 24.
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