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Dallas plastic bag ban gains steam with MoveOn petition

Dallas plastic bag ban gains steam with MoveOn petition

Dallas' proposed plastic bag ban, to be considered by the city council in August, has caught the eye of national activist group MoveOn.org and now has its own petition.

The petition addresses Mayor Mike Rawlings and the city council members and urges them to "please make Dallas an environmental leader by banning single-use plastic bags in Dallas." It has garnered 250 signatures in two days.

The petition was launched by Luke Metzger, director of Austin-based Environment Texas, an environmental advocacy group. He began petitions for both Dallas and San Antonio.

"Those are the two cities that are furthest along in terms of actively considering bans," he says. "I feel confident about Dallas. City council member Dwaine Caraway suggested the ordinance, and we're seeing lots of enthusiasm for the ban.

"The wave is crossing the country. Los Angeles just voted in a ban, along with hundreds of cities. Austin’s experience has gone over quite successfully. Dallas can look at all of those models as proof that it's a good idea."

Metzger anticipates a fight from the plastics and chemical industries, which have swooped in everywhere a ban on plastic bags has been considered to spread misinformation, including the myth that plastic bags will be banned entirely.

"If you want plastic bags, you'll be able to buy them," he says. "It's not like they'll be completely unavailable. This will just put an end to the single-use bags that are given out for free without even asking customers."

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Plastic bags can take hundreds of years to decompose in landfills.  Greencotton