Closet Caper

Burglars haul away $1 million in accessories from Texas socialite's closet

Burglars steal $1 million in accessories from Texas socialite's closet

Theresa Roemer closet July 2014
Thieves broke into Theresa Roemer's closet in Houston and took close to $1 million in accessories. Photo by © Chinh Phan/Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

A three-story fantasy closet that gained worldwide attention has caught the eye of burglars too. The night of August 1, thieves broke into the Houston home of Theresa Roemer and cleaned out much of her massive, much-talked-about closet. Roemer tells CultureMap via email that she estimates the burglars took between $800,000 and $1 million worth of handbags, jewelry and watches.

CultureMap was the first to tell readers about the 3,000-square-foot triple-decker space that resembles a high-end fashion emporium after noting a post on the Neiman Marcus blog. Since then Roemer and her closet have been highlighted on dozens of national and international outlets, including Good Morning Americathe London Daily Mail and Cosmopolitan.

The top floor of the closet houses furs and hats. The second floor is as much activity center as storage space. In addition to her shoes, clothes and vanity (for hair styling and makeup application), there is a champagne bar for high-style partying amid the cache of designer labels. Roemer has hosted several charity fundraisers in the space.

It appears that burglars set their sights on the first floor of the closet, which is home to her jewelry and handbags, including more than 60 classic Hermés styles like the iconic Birkin bags.

Roemer says that she and her husband decided to run over to the Carlton Woods Country Club only two blocks away for a quick dinner, so she did not think to set the alarm. Thieves entered through a window in the master bathroom. Police are investigating the burglary.