Tragedy Strikes

Ex-Dallas Mavs ManiAAC dancer allegedly goes on shooting rampage

Ex-Dallas Mavs ManiAAC dancer allegedly goes on shooting rampage

Four people are dead and four others wounded after a shooting rampage in Dallas and DeSoto. Police arrested a suspect at the scene of the DeSoto shooting on August 7 but declined to name him at a press conference.

Multiple reports have identified the suspect as Erbie Bowser, 44, a former Dallas Mavs ManiAAC dancer. He has not been formally charged.

Dallas police Sgt. Warren Mitchell said the shooting spree began around 10:30 pm when Dallas officers responded to a call at 7106 Long Canyon Trail. When officers arrived, they found four gunshot victims, including two dead women, a 43-year-old and a 17-year-old. Two more teens were injured.

 Police declined to comment on whether or not an explosive device was detonated.

It is believed that the suspect then fled to DeSoto, where there were more victims. A child inside a home in the 100 block of Galleria Drive called 911 to report a shooting.

DeSoto police officers were already en route to the home, as Dallas police already had connected the suspect to it.

Upon arrival, DeSoto police found four more gunshot victims, once again including two dead women. Two young boys, ages 11 and 13, were injured and taken to the hospital. 

Police declined to comment on the suspect's alleged military affiliation or whether or not a grenade or other explosive device was detonated as was widely reported. DeSoto police did confirm that the FBI and ATF are investigating the possible use of an explosive device in the Galleria Drive incident.

Bowser had no prior criminal record in Dallas County, save for a check fraud charge that was dismissed in 2011. He reportedly ended his affiliation with the Dallas Mavs ManiAACs in 2009.

Erbie Bowser
Police have reportedly arrested Erbie Bowser, a former Mavs ManiAAC dancer. Erbie Bowser/Facebook
Erbie Bowser
Erbie Bowser is believed to have gone on a shooting rampage in Dallas and DeSoto. Erbie Bowser/Facebook