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Texas detective gets axed after insane Facebook rant about 'lazy turd bags' and killing sprees

Texas detective gets axed after Facebook rant about 'lazy turd bags'

In the small Texas town of Marlin, a suburb of Waco, a police detective was fired after an unbelievable Facebook rant. Detective Rob Douglas posted about "lazy turd bags," presumably using food stamps to pay at the grocery store, and killing sprees.

The officer was placed on administrative leave on August 5 before getting axed on August 7. According to the Waco Tribune-Herald (which also has a screenshot of the detective's rant), the official reason the detective was fired was violating the department's rules of conduct.

"Those inappropriate and troubling comments he made on Facebook resulted in the conditions that actually were outlined in those policies," Marlin City Manager R.C. Fletcher told the Waco Tribune-Herald.

So in addition to "turd bags," what else does Douglas despise? People with tattoos on "their unclean bodies," mouthfuls of bling, expensive rims and people who buy beer on the taxpayer's dime. (FYI, you cannot use SNAP benefits to buy beer, liquor or cigarettes.)

As if that weren't enough, the detective ended his rant with, "If I ever snap and go on a killing spree, it will be in a supermarket on the first [of the month]."

Though Marlin is a small town, Douglas' tirade did not stay inside its borders for long: It has caught the attention of news outlets such as the Associated Press, FOX News and Salon.

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A Central Texas detective has been fired after ranting about a killing spree on Facebook.