No Laughing Matter

Elderly Highland Park couple robbed at knifepoint thought crime was a prank

Highland Park couple robbed at knifepoint thought crime was a prank

A Highland Park couple survived a violent robbery outside their home in the 3600 block of Stratford Avenue on August 9. The assailants, who were wearing ski masks and wielding knives, accosted Dr. Tom and Suzanne Dees around 9:20 pm.

According to police, the couple arrived home after dining at the Dallas Country Club and parked in their driveway. After Mrs. Dees had gotten out the car, the 73-year-old was leaning on her cane when she felt someone grab her purse. At the same time, another person held Mr. Dees, 82, at knifepoint while he sat inside the vehicle.

One of the robbers demanded Mrs. Dees give up purse and jewelry, to which she responded, "Like hell I will," believing that the entire encounter was an elaborate prank by one of her sons.

Undeterred, Mrs. Dees told police that she attempted to pull off the robber's mask. He then pushed her and grabbed her purse.

Meanwhile, another assailant pressed a knife into Mr. Dees' chest and told him to hand over his wallet and jewelry. Mr. Dees also thought the crime was a joke and refused to give up his valuables.

When the robber said, "I'll stab you if you don't," Mr. Dees reportedly responded, "That's enough of this shit," and slammed his car door, causing the robber to cry out in pain. Both men then fled the location with Mrs. Dees' black Chanel purse in tow. 

The assailants are described as men between 5 feet 9 inches and 6-feet tall, with muscular builds. The men were wearing dark clothing that covered their skin. Sgt. Lance Koppa said Highland Park Department of Public Safety is working with neighboring law enforcement agencies to investigate the crime. 

knife at crime scene
Police did not recover a knife at the scene of the crime.