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Grand Prairie plans for life without running water after main supply line break

Grand Prairie plans for life without running water after main break

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Due to a severe water shortage, Grand Prairie is asking residents to use bottled water for drinking. Men'

UPDATE: The city has restored the water supply to normal levels. Read the full story.


Summer in the city just got a little more brutal. Grand Prairie has announced it expects to run out of water Tuesday, August 13 due to a main supply line break. Crews are working to repair the line, which busted overnight on August 12.

Tanks could theoretically be filled as soon as Wednesday, but there's not enough water in the reserve well to restore Grand Prairie's supply to its normal level. 

To help curb the complete loss of running water, the city is asking residents to take the following (rather drastic) steps:

  • Turn off all outdoor irrigation systems until further notice.
  • Do not water lawns manually.
  • Only use water for essential personal hygiene.
  • Use bottled water for drinking.

"It is crucial for residents and businesses to comply with these water restrictions until further notice," Grand Prairie spokesperson Whitney Fowler said in a statement. "Crews are working heroically around the clock on repairs and temporary connections to our neighboring cities' water supplies."

For more updates from Grand Prairie, including commentary from the ironically named city spokeswoman Amy Sprinkles, check out the city's official website, Facebook page, and Twitter account.