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Family-friendly Dallas suburb deemed nation's No. 2 city for working parents

Family-friendly Dallas burb deemed No. 2 U.S. city for working parents

Working parents have a lot on their plates, but a new survey shows those living in Plano are better off than most. According to, the Dallas suburb is the second-best city in the nation for working parents

The personal finance website praised Plano's high median income, average child-care costs and quality public schools. Local companies like Dell Services, Toyota Motors, J.C. Penney and Siemens PLM Software also earned a mention.

Beyond employment opportunities, the biggest factor impacting working parents' quality of life is the affordability of child care. 

"Child care can be a huge cost for parents. For our top 10 cities, care for an infant costs an average of over $9,000 a year," the survey reads. 

Annually, Plano parents can expect to shell out about $8,500 for an infant and $6,500 for a 4-year-old. Those costs are offset by an average household income of $81,000.

The Southwest dominated the rankings, taking home eight of the top 10 spots, thanks in large part to a low cost of living compared to the rest of the country. California managed to nab two slots on the list, with Fremont at No. 4 and Irvine at no. 5.

Two other Texas cities also made the cut. Garland came in at No. 6 while El Paso landed at No. 7. 

Plano is no stranger to survey success. It's been declared among the best U.S. cities for families and kids, and it was even named one of the top 10 sexiest suburbs.

Hey, all those kids aren't getting delivered by a stork.  

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Plano parents have affordable access to child care.
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Plano frequently earns praise for its family friendliness. City of Plano/Facebook