Biden's successful surgery

Beau Biden undergoes successful M.D. Anderson procedure; Vice President says son is in "great shape"

Beau Biden in "great shape" following M.D. Anderson procedure

Beau Biden Delaware attorney general
The White House reports that Beau Biden underwent a successful medical procedure at M.D. Anderson on Tuesday. Courtesy of Delaware Department of Justice / Wikipedia

Beau Biden — Delaware attorney general and son of vice president Joe Biden — underwent a successful medical procedure at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston on Tuesday, according to a statement released from the White House.

The vice president and his wife Jill say their 44-year-old son is in "great shape" and will return home Thursday, after which he will check in with his local doctors in Delaware. The statement provides no further details on the surgery.

The younger Biden arrived in Houston on Monday following a recent spell of weakness and disorientation during a family vacation in Indiana. After being admitted to Chicago's Northwestern Memorial Hospital last week, he followed up with a Philadelphia hospital before deciding to make his way to the Texas Medical Center.

NBC News reported Wednesday morning that doctors discovered a mass on the attorney general's brain. Sources close to the Bidens confirmed that a biopsy was performed, the results of which are expected to take several days. 

According to the Associated Press, the vice president canceled Thursday appearances in Maine and Rhode Island to remain with his son.