Shots Fired

Dallas police fatally shoot armed kidnapping suspect

Dallas police fatally shoot armed kidnapping suspect

Scene of Dallas police shooting
Dallas police chased a kidnapping suspect on foot before fatally shooting him. Monica Cordova/Twitter

A Dallas police officer shot and killed an armed man suspected of aggravated kidnapping around 11 am on August 25. Steven Douglas, 29, died at the scene after leading officers on a car and foot chase to the intersection of Lake June and Prairie Creek roads in Dallas.

This marks the fifth shooting by Dallas police in three weeks.

Police say the incident began the morning of Saturday, August 23, when Douglas was first involved in an altercation with the mother of his two children. The woman, who has not being identified, called 911. "She reported that Mr. Douglas pointed a gun at her and threatened to shoot her due to her dating another man," a Dallas police spokesperson said in a statement to media.

Sunday passed without incident, but on Monday morning the woman again called 911 on Douglas. She arrived at his apartment in the 3100 block of Easter Avenue around 7:20 am to retrieve school supplies for her children. That's when Douglas got in his green Ford Ranger truck and started chasing her.

The woman stayed on the phone with 911 as Douglas continued to aggressively pursue her in his truck. At some point, the woman got a flat tire and Douglas rammed her vehicle, punched out a window and grabbed his two children, ages 9 and 1, at gunpoint. A third child was not kidnapped from the car.

Officers began searching for Douglas and were able to locate his cellphone at an apartment complex near Wynnewood Village, where he dropped off the children. His truck was spotted in the parking lot, but before police could approach, Douglas hopped in the vehicle and another chase began.

According to police, Douglas made several phone calls while officers attempted to pull him over, in which he stated he was not going to go back to jail. Douglas has a history of domestic violence, police said.

The car chase ended when Douglas T-boned a white van on Lake June Road, but then he took off on foot. Four officers pursued Douglas as he ran down the street and into an auto repair shop.

According to Dallas Police Major Jeff Cotner, Douglas ran into a parked car inside the shop and lost his balance just as Officer Rogelio Moreno was approaching. "As he was falling, he turned and pointed a small caliber pistol directly at Officer Moreno. Officer Moreno discharged his weapon, resulting in Douglas' death," Cotner said.

Moreno was not wearing a body camera, and police are still investigating whether or not the shooting was caught on any type of video surveillance. Cotner said employees also reported that Douglas pointed his pistol at Moreno.

"Two witnesses reported that Douglas was shot in the back. Those witnesses have been interviewed and told detectives they did not witness the shooting and that their version came from others at the location," Cotner said. "Detectives are actively pursuing anyone that we have not spoken with that may have information and in particular may have witnessed the shooting."

An autopsy is pending. As is customary with all police shootings, Officer Moreno has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.