Fair Park Rape Suspect Found

Accused Dallas serial rapist Van Dixson captured in Baton Rouge

Accused Dallas serial rapist Van Dixson captured in Baton Rouge

Following a three day search, U.S. Marshals arrested Van Dixson, 38, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Dallas man had DNA links to four of nine rapes in Fair Park.

Authorities found Dixson in a hotel after bus station passengers reported seeing him head to the hotel, according to WFAA. Dixson reportedly made contact with someone in Dallas, which tipped off investigators to his whereabouts.

Dallas police had issued a warrant for his arrest on Saturday, September 7, following a positive DNA match in one of the nine rapes that had taken place around Fair Park since late June. On September 9, police said that his DNA matched three more of the attacks.

The warrant was issued a day after another man, Alan Mason, was brought in by the police as a person of interest. Mason has not been charged with any connection to the attacks.

The Fair Park attacks began on June 22; the last one was September 1. In the beginning, police believed seven women had been raped, but two more came forward after police announced on September 4 that they believed one man was behind all of the attacks. 

Each assault happened between midnight and 6 am while the victims were walking alone. The suspect used a handgun to force his victims to a secluded spot where they were robbed and sexually assaulted. 

Van Dixson Fair Park Rapes
Van Dixson was arrested in Baton Rouge for his connection with the Fair Park rapes.  Photo courtesy of Dallas Police
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