Out-of-Town Invasion

Chill out, Austin: More out-of-towners move to Dallas than any other Texas city

Chill out, Austin: More out-of-towners are moving to Dallas

Dallas skyline at night
According to a new study, more people from out of state are moving to Dallas than any other city in Texas. Photo by Clay Coleman

Oh, Austin. You're so darn cool. You love to keep it weird. And now you can quit worrying about out-of-state invaders. According to a recent Nerd Wallet study, more people are packing up and moving to Dallas than any other city in Texas.

Never mind the fact that Nerd Wallet also released a survey that names Austin the No. 1 place to actually get a job in the country. I guess getting hired and making the move are two different beasts.

The site looked at the data of people moving to a new area from outside of the state, and a clear pattern emerged among the 12 percent of Americans that relocated in 2012: There are hot spots that attract job seekers.

Let's state the obvious: the New York, D.C. and Chicago metro areas top the list. New York attracted roughly a quarter million people from outside of the state in 2012. In other news, water is wet, but don't go writing off Texas just yet.

Sitting pretty and proud at No. 8 on the list, the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area welcomed more than 120,000 people in 2012. We know why, of course, and apparently others are starting to catch on.

With a low cost of living and an unemployment rate of 6.7 percent, the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metro area is a pretty attractive place. There are plenty of tech companies, and the area is also home to American Airlines and many manufacturing companies.

Houston came in at No. 11, with 101,200 people from out of state moving there. And despite a recent census report that shows that Austin is growing like a weed, the state capital barely made the Nerd Wallet list, sliding in at No. 25.