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Controversial billboard of U.S. soldier embracing Muslim woman heads to Dallas

Contentious billboard of U.S. soldier and Muslim woman heads to Dallas

SnoreStop billboard
This Sunset Boulevard billboard has generated thousands of comments on social media. It's headed to Dallas in December. Photo courtesy of SnoreStop

A new billboard will soon dot the Dallas landscape, and it's sure to raise some eyebrows. The advertisement shows an American soldier embracing a Muslim woman in traditional dress. Perhaps more surprising than the multi-ethnic couple is the fact that the billboard is an advertisement for a throat spray called SnoreStop.

Marked with the hashtag #betogether, the ad first appeared on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles in late October, and it's headed to an undisclosed Dallas location in December. The ad was inspired by a real-life military/Muslim couple, though veteran Jamie Sutton and his wife, Aleah, do not appear on the billboard. Jamie is depicted by Army solider Paul Evans, while actress Lexy Panterra poses as Aleah.

"I am super proud to be a part of this campaign," Evans said in a statement. "I’m aware of the controversy and, in fact, I am in the military to fight for this very right to express oneself in this country."

The billboard has generated thousands of comments on social media, which is probably exactly what SnoreStop hoped for. Other SnoreStop ads feature a wide variety of relationships, including gay and lesbian couples. 

"As a snoring solution company, we’re in the business of keeping people together,” company spokesperson Melody Devemark said in a statement. "We realize that it’s likely to be controversial, but [we] think it’s a beautiful story, and we feel honored to be able to share it with others."