Dallas Cops Behaving Badly

Feds bust Dallas police detective for tipping off his prostitute girlfriend

Feds bust Dallas policeman for tipping off his prostitute girlfriend

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Authorities believe Dallas police detective Jose Bedoy tipped off a prostitute about raids for five years. TopNewsToday.org

Federal agents allege a Dallas police detective carried on a five-year relationship with a prostitute, helping her stay one step ahead of the law by informing her of police activity. Jose Bedoy was indicted on federal charges of obstruction of justice on November 6.

His indictment was unsealed on November 15, revealing salacious details and scandalous accusations. Authorities believe Bedoy's relationship with the prostitute began in 2008 shortly after a Dallas police vice unit raid on an adult entertainment establishment. When Bedoy contacted the prostitute after the raid and scheduled a massage, authorities say he also began advising her on how to avoid arrest.

 Although Jose Bedoy instructed the prostitute to change her number regularly to avoid detection, he brazenly kept the same cellphone.

The indictment indicates Bedoy provided sensitive information about prostitution raids and other police activities for roughly five years. In January 2013, Bedoy reportedly tipped off his girlfriend about an upcoming DPD vice unit raid at "Wet," an adult entertainment business. According to the indictment, Bedoy brought the police case file on "Wet" to his girlfriend's home two days ahead of the raid.

Bedoy's undoing, however, was apparently brought on by the Coppell Police Department, which enlisted the DPD's vice unit in an investigation at Studio Serene. In March 2013, Bedoy informed his girlfriend of the investigation and advised her not to work at Studio Serene. Bedoy's girlfriend passed this information along to the studio's owner, who temporarily closed the business.

When Studio Serene reopened in April, Coppell police were ready. During an interrogation, the owner said a Dallas vice unit detective named Jose had tipped him off about the raid and even supplied a phone number, which matched Bedoy's contact information on file with DPD. Although Bedoy had told his prostitute girlfriend to change her number regularly to avoid detection, Bedoy brazenly kept the same cellphone.

In addition to providing tips about upcoming raids, Bedoy gave the prostitute advice on using Backpage.com and told her not to give her real name if she was ever stopped by law enforcement. When Bedoy caught wind of the federal investigation in July, he told the prostitute to get rid of her cellphone and move away from Dallas.

Bedoy pled not guilty and has been released on bond, pending trial. Per the terms of his release, Bedoy had to surrender his firearms and passport. Bedoy has been on administrative leave with Dallas police since July.