You Just Got Told

Mayor Mike Rawlings tells everyone to grow a pair and quit whining about cold weather

Mike Rawlings tells Dallas to grow a pair and quit whining about cold

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings
Mayor Rawlings says bundle up and get over it. Photo courtesy of Mike Rawlings for Mayor

Less than 24 hours before the most-hyped assassination anniversary in history, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings decided to give the city a talkin' to. Friday's forecast from the National Weather Service predicts a strong, rainy cold front with temperatures in the 30s during the JFK 50th event.

"Texans are tough, and a crisp day won't prevent us from marking this important time in history," Rawlings said in a statement that felt like a preemptive scolding.

The City of Dallas held a lottery for public tickets to the event and doled out only 5,000 seats. Rawlings wants to make sure most of those people don't opt to stay home in light of the (potentially freezing) rain.

"Consider this, in 1961 eight inches of fresh snow laid on the ground for President John F. Kennedy's inauguration," the pep talk/statement continues. "We believe this important event cannot be duplicated in another location, so the commemoration will take place tomorrow as planned."

Rawlings said the city would consider "slight modifications" for the weather but the event would go on no matter the temperature. In closing, the mayor had these words of advice: "Bundle up!"