Crime in Broad Daylight

Watch masked robbers pull off daring jewelry store heist in Irving

Watch masked robbers pull off daring jewelry store heist in Irving

Seven people dressed in black busted into an Irving jewelry store in broad daylight on November 19. The masked suspects used hammers to smash glass display cases and grab the goods.

The daring robbery happened around 11:30 am Sunday, just 30 minutes after Tilak Jewelers opened in the 8300 block of North MacArthur Boulevard.

Security camera footage shows three employees running to the back of the store as a gang of robbers stormed through the front door. It appears as if one employee may have been able to trigger the alarm. 

The crime took less than two minutes, and no one was reported injured. James McLellan with the Irving Police Department said two employees were restrained with zip ties but otherwise unharmed.

Tilak Jewelers declined to comment on the ordeal or reveal how much merchandise was stolen. "You see what you see. I don't want to get involved," said an employee who answered the phone on November 21. 

McLellan said he wasn't aware of any similar takeover style robberies in the area of late, and that the Dallas FBI Violent Crimes Task Force was assisting in the investigation. 

Anyone with information on the crime is asked to call 972-721-2535 or email 

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The amount of jewelry stolen hasn't been released.