Cruz Nabbed for Lying

What statement got Sen. Ted Cruz nominated for Lie of the Year award?

What statement got Sen. Ted Cruz nominated for Lie of the Year award?

Ted Cruz speaking at the National Right to Life Convention
Ted Cruz has garnered a nomination for PolitiFact's Lie of the Year Award. Courtesy photo

It's been a banner year for Ted Cruz. Our fearless U.S. senator has had his very own birther scandal, is rumored to be considering a 2016 presidential run, attempted a Wendy Davis-esque filibuster and, perhaps most important, played a critical role in the October government shutdown

Well, now Cruz can check off another thing on his bucket list: being nominated for PolitiFact's Lie of the Year Award. The Pulitzer Prize-winning group of journalists, famous for rating the things that come out of politicians' mouths, nominated the senator along with President Barack Obama, Ann Coulter and Michele Bachmann.

So what exactly got Cruz on the list? His statement (like most everything on the list) was about the Affordable Care Act. According to PolitiFact:

"Look, the wheels are coming off this," he told the audience at the conservative Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa, on August 10, 2013. "The Teamsters are abandoning it. President Obama just granted all of Congress an exception. And he did it because Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats who passed this thing came begging and said, ‘Please, please, please let us out of Obamacare.’ This thing ain't working."

At the time, PolitiFact rated this statement "False," which is actually the best rating out of the entire list. (The rest of the nominations were rated "Pants on Fire" and are depicted with intimidating flames.) Little did anyone know, that statement — which was made in August — would only be the beginning of Cruz's campaign to defund the ACA and ultimately lead to the government shutdown. 

The PolitiFact editors will ultimately choose which of the 10 lies will win, but readers can also vote for their favorite falsehoods in the "Lie of the Year Readers' Choice."

Our bet on the winning lie? "What we said was, you can keep [your plan] if it hasn’t changed since the law passed," the Obama statement about folks keeping their health care plans after the ACA was implemented.