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State Fair of Texas smooches Big Tex with 2013 theme, The One & Only

News_Big_Tex_state fair
The old Big Tex. Can he ever be replaced? Sniff. Big Tex Photo by Steven Martin
Texas Star Ferris wheel
Ferris wheel is certain to return in 2013. Photo by Elaine Liner
Big Tex on fire
RIP old Big Tex, October 19, 2012. Misselaine0375/Instagram
News_Big_Tex_state fair
State Fair of Texas 2013 theme
Texas Star Ferris wheel
Big Tex on fire

The State Fair of Texas announced its annual theme for 2013: The One & Only. Ta-da. It's meant as a wink, a nod, an homage to Big Tex, the 52-foot icon that burned on the final Friday of the 2012 fair. Sniff sniff.

Fair officials are currently working with a Texas-based company to restore Big Tex and will unveil him on opening day, which is September 27. The fair closes October 20.

 You can bet your Dickies britches on a major fanfare surrounding Big Tex's "return."

You can bet your Dickies britches on a major fanfare surrounding Big Tex's "return." Big Tex "coincidentally" flamed out at 10 am on October 19, before the fair's final weekend in 2012.

Ten o'clock on a Friday morning is probably one of the most media-friendly times to have an unfortunate, unexpected fire. "Luckily" for everyone involved, the fire was contained to a small area inside the statue's wire frame. No one was harmed in this accidental fire.

That fire made international news. Facebook support groups formed instantly on that fateful Friday, when thousands of people shirking work mourned the "demise" of a bunch of fabric and a papier-mâché "head."

Anyway, it all worked out in the end, because now there will be a new Big Tex. The release reads, "Without divulging specifics, fair organizers are planning a celebration befitting the gentle giant's return."

This year, there will also be a new ride called The Top o' Texas, offering a 360-degree panoramic view of Dallas while traversing a 500-foot tower. The ride will debut during Summer Adventures in Fair Park, a new entertainment offering presented by State Fair of Texas and opening in May. Huh, rides all summer long.

The lineup of concerts isn't ready for release, but this year's musical is The Lion King, with daily performances (except Monday) at the Music Hall at Fair Park from October 2–20.

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