Rescue Me

The faces of love: Portraits of Dallas shelter dogs ready for adoption

Dallas photographer and CultureMap contributor Sylvia Elzafon works with local shelters like Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center (DAS) on Westmoreland Road to help find dogs and cats forever homes. Her Shelter Series captures the joy these animals can bring to their owners.

DAS is on a mission to promote proper treatment and provide daily care to hundreds of animals. The shelter currently holds more than 400 dogs and more than 60 cats. 

"We take in 60 to 80 animals a day," says operations manager Catherine McManus.

If you are interested in adopting a dog or cat, McManus says to come down to the shelter and make it happen. It starts with filling out an application and walking through the shelter to see what animal suits you best.

"It's better to come in, rather than call, if you're interested in adopting," she says. 

On Sundays and Mondays, for the whole month of February, dogs and cats are adoptable for $30. All of the animals get vaccinated and neutered or spayed upon arrival.

Sadly, because of the high number of animals that come into the shelter, DAS has a high euthanization rate. So if you are interested in adopting, we recommend you don't wait. For more information, call 214-670-8246.


Drago is a Boxer/Pit Bull Terrier mix boy. 

Thelma is a Labrador mix girl.  

Bookie is a Pit Bull Terrier boy. 

Tanner is a German Shepherd mix boy. 

Zipper is a Pit Bull Terrier boy. 

Manny is a Pit Bull Terrier girl. 

Angel is a Pit Bull Terrier boy. 

Phillip is a German Shepherd mix boy. 

Spud is a Pit Bull Terrier mix boy. 

Lady is a Pit Bull Terrier mix girl. 

Mikey is a Chihuahua mix boy. 

Collie is a Blue Heeler mix girl. 

Mikey is a Pit Bull Terrier boy. 

Kimberly is a German Shepherd girl.