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Jagger Mafia morning radio show returns to 102.1 The Edge

Jagger Mafia morning radio show returns to 102.1 The Edge

Chris Jagger, KDGE-FM
Chris Jagger, the man, the legend. Photo courtesy of KDGE-FM

If you listen to 102.1 The Edge, then we're not telling you anything you don't already know. But on this day, Monday, January 6, the radio station welcomed the return of the Jagger Mafia morning show.

If you fall within the station's prime listening audience, then you are probably saying, "Who dat?" because the Jagger Mafia was last heard on The Edge in 2006. Radio years are like cat years; that was practically a century ago, and the typical Edge listener is nothing if not young.

The show reunites original members Chris Jagger, Mondo Mike Vasquez and Jasmine Sadry weekday mornings from 6-10 am. Josh Hart joins the show as producer. Former show regular Dean Lewis will return for "special occasions" throughout the year.

The release catches Jagger in a thoughtful reminiscence. "As much fun as it was to do other formats, The Edge is where I started, and it's really exciting to come back," he says. "It will be great to do what I love with the people I care most about at the station that first welcomed me to Dallas."

Meanwhile, the release also quotes Deidre Richter, who is currently president of Clear Channel Media and Entertainment. Methinks they buried the lead. Richter was named president in September 2013; she came from Microsoft.

That might help explain the release's longest paragraph about how we can hear the Jagger Mafia on iHeartRadio, Clear Channel's Sirius-ish Spotify-ish digital radio service with access to 1,500-plus live and digital radio stations from 150 cities, plus user-created custom stations and curated stations "based on a range of moods and activities," and an iHeartRadio Talk channel.