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Puppy brother naptime revisited and more adorable links we love right now

Puppy brother naptime revisited and more adorable links we love

Editor's note: There's so much that's beautiful, funny, smart and informative on the Internet. Problem is, there's also a bunch of garbage. Here's the best of the web right now:

1. Budweiser Super Bowl commercial combining puppies and horses melts nation's collective heart. Remember when we all had to wait until the actual Super Bowl to see the world's most expensive commercials? The past was so quaint. Budweiser may never top its frog melody of yore, but the 2014 creation is a top contender for cutest love story ever. 

2. Pizza-scented perfume is a slice of heaven in a bottle. One of pizza's many, many great qualities is its aroma. And now you don't even need to order one to enjoy the olfactory sensation. Demeter Fragrance Factor rolled out the pizza-scented perfume online to rave reviews. One ounce will set you back $20. 

3. German cows cause methane blast in Rasdorf. To the delight of potty humor fans everywhere, the force of 90 flatulent dairy cows caused a farm shed in Germany to explode. The farting was so powerful that it damaged the roof and caused one of the cows to be treated for burns from methane gas. 

4. Baby laughs hysterically at dog eating popcorn. If it's been a rough week and you need to be reminded of the simple goodness of life, then look no further than this YouTube clip. The little girl's infectious laugh will cure what ails you.

5. Puppy brother naptime tradition is still going strong. Speaking of the healing power of puppies, we decided to check back in on the blog Momma's Gone City, where we first met a toddler named Beau and his puppy brother, Theo. It was a worthwhile endeavor, as the pair is growing up just as adorably as we imagined. If these two ever get too old for naps, I don't know what I'll do with myself.

6. California man uses rake to create amazing beach art. Andre Amador has a very basic motivation for using the sand beaches off San Francisco as canvas for his artwork: "It's fun and I get to be at the beach." Amador's sand painting stretches across wide swaths of sand, but just for a brief moment in time before the tide washes it all away.

Puppy takes nap with kid
Beau and his puppy brother Theo are nap pros. Momma's Gone City
Sand art on beach
Andre Amador creates beach art in San Francisco. Photo by Andre Amador
Puppy takes nap with kid
Sand art on beach
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