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Prepare for a dance party under the stars when the Gipsy Kings return to Annette Strauss Square

The Gypsy Kings
The Gipsy Kings return to Annette Strauss Square April 30. Gypsy Kings/Facebook
Annette Strauss Square
Fans are encouraged to BYOB at Annette Strauss Square. Courtesy of AT&T Performing Arts Center

After a sold-out performance last year, the Gipsy Kings bring their flamenco-inspired sounds to Annette Strauss Square April 30 at 8 pm. The concert is co-sponsored by Dallas POPS.

The Gipsy Kings are two bands of brothers from Spanish gypsy families who fled to France during the Spanish Civil War. The guys grew up performing at weddings, parties and on the streets in Cannes, infusing flamenco with Western pop and Latin rhythms.

In 1987, the Gipsy Kings released a self-titled album, introducing the world to their rumba-meets flamenco sound, and they became an international sensation with the mega-hit “Bamboleo.” The band still lives in Southern France with their families.

Fans can BYOB for this party under the stars, tickets to which are expected to sell out fast. Prices range from $58-$95, and you can purchase tickets online or by calling the AT&T Performing Arts Center box office at 214-880-0202.

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