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Austin ain't the only Texas city with one of America's best music scenes

Austin ain't the only Texas city with one of the top U.S. music scenes

Erykah Badu at Bomb Factory in Deep Ellum
Hometown girl Erykah Badu broke in the stage at the newly reopened Bomb Factory. Photo by Enrico Casino

A new list touting America's best music scenes has been unleashed, and, predictably, Austin is near the top. It ranks No. 2, behind only Nashville, on Travel + Leisure's recent roundup, which was gleaned from reader surveys.

What makes Austin's scene so special? "This is a musicians' town," Caleb Campaigne, the official Insider at W Austin Hotel, tells T+L. "Musicians know that the audience is going to be appreciative — but also prepared. Even if you're a smaller band, folks are going to have done their research and know who you are."

But Austin isn't the only Texas city to be recognized for such things: Dallas sneaks in at No. 25. Notes T+L:

The neighborhood of Deep Ellum is proof that this city has an artsy side. Here you’ll find public murals, plenty of bars, and great rock-and-indie venues — like Dada, with its outdoor patio, Trees and the recently reopened Bomb Factory, whose building has been, over the past century, a Ford factory and a WWII munitions plant. Deep Ellum is even home to the Eight Track Museum, which is devoted to the much-maligned recording format and connected to the musically themed Orphic Gallery.

Another Lone Star locale, Houston, lands at No. 10, thanks to "its cosmopolitan combination of high-brow culture (like the acclaimed Houston Grand Opera) and crowd-pleasers." With those three, Texas has more on the list than any other state.

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