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Morgan Freeman on helium, cash scavenger hunt and more links we love right now

Morgan Freeman on helium, cash scavenger hunt and more links we love

Editor's note: There's so much that's beautiful, funny, smart and informative on the Internet. Problem is, there's also a bunch of garbage. Here's the best of the web right now:

1. Morgan Freeman's iconic voice sounds amazing even on helium. Morgan Freeman is one smooth orator. As Entertainment Weekly points out, his "soothing baritone" has guided Americans through countless tragedies, ranging from wrongful incarcerations to meteor attacks to the perilous march of the penguins. Now he's sucking helium for the sake of science.

2. Man hides $100 envelopes around San Francisco in ultimate scavenger hunt. Unlike the useless items typically associated with scavenger hunts, $100 in cash is a prize everyone can appreciate. A mystery man has hidden envelopes around San Francisco "and beyond" and is tweeting out clues from @HiddenCash. Game on.

3. There's a 45-day planning process behind a single corporate tweet. Anyone who's ever fired off an ill-advised tweet knows that social media backlash can come fast and furiously. But would you believe it takes over a dozen people more than a month to compose a single paid tweet?

4. Minor league baseball player's dad catches son's home run ball. Father's Day came early for Marty Gregor. On May 24, his son, Conrad, hit a three-run homer for the Class A River Bandits. The hit gave the Houston Astros' minor league team the lead, but it was all the more special because Marty snagged the ball bare-handed as it launched over the outfield wall.

5. Thirty-five GIFs you need after a long weekend. After three days of sleeping in, getting back into the workday groove is a challenge. Thankfully, the folks at Mashable have compiled a list of cheer-you-up GIFs for an occasion such as this.

Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman sucks helium for the sake of science. Morgan Freeman/Facebook
News_money_100 dollar bill_Benjamins_cash
A California man has hidden envelopes of cash across the Golden State. Courtesy Photo
Morgan Freeman
News_money_100 dollar bill_Benjamins_cash