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Dallas VideoFest honors ALS Awareness Day with special screening of I Am Breathing

Dallas VideoFest honors ALS Awareness Day with special screening

Neil Platt in I Am Breathing
Neil Platt and his son Oscar in the documentary I Am Breathing. Photo courtesy of I Am Breathing

Dallas plays host to a number of special movie screenings, whether they're showing at the various film festivals or regional premieres. But few carry the impact of Dallas VideoFest's screening of the documentary I Am Breathing at Studio Movie Grill Spring Valley on Friday, June 21.

That's because the screening, on Global MND/ALS Awareness Day, is one of 110 showings taking place around the world as part of a global initiative to raise money for ALS research. ALS — amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s disease — is a disease with no known cure and relatively few treatments to slow its devastating progression in those afflicted.

I Am Breathing tells the story of Neil Platt, a man who goes from being completely healthy to on the verge of death in the space of one year after being diagnosed with the disease. As he gets close to the end, he looks to put together the story of his life so his young son will know him after he's gone.

The Dallas screening is the only event taking place in Texas and one of 19 in the United States. Other screenings are taking place in countries as far away as China, Bahrain, Turkey, Spain, Zimbabwe and Colombia.