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Monkey masters vending machine and more links we love right now

Monkey masters vending machine and more links we love right now

Editor's note: There's so much that's beautiful, funny, smart and informative on the Internet. Problem is, there's also a bunch of garbage. Here's the best of the web right now:

1. A monkey buys a drink from a vending machine in Japan. This Capuchin monkey sure likes Welch's grape juice. Extra points for persistence, but the diaper and leash are kind of concerning.

2. Feminist Taylor Swift is the latest Twitter sensation. Her bio really says it all, "Happy. Free. Confused. Oppressed by the patriarchy. At the same time." The account takes a fresh, female-focused spin on Swift's lyrics. 

3. Miss Utah makes America cringe with fumbling answer about male-female income disparity. Speaking of feminism, Miss USA contestant Marissa Powell did not have anything to say about why women earn less than men for equal work, but it's not her fault. To wit: "We need to figure out how to create education better." True story, Miss Utah, true story. 

4. Ranch dressing soda debuts to less than rave reviews. Lester's Fixins makes a living on unusual drink flavors. If early reports are any indication, the ranch variety will not be a best-seller. 

5. The only gif of Leonardo DiCaprio dancing that you ever need to see. The arms, the hips, the face. It's all golden. 

6. Edward Snowden gives an exclusive interview to the entire world. The NSA whistleblower answered reader questions for several hours on The Guardian's website, prompting #AskSnowden to trend worldwide on Twitter. Among other issues, he addressed rumors that he's a Chinese spy and revealed the reason he risked everything to get the truth out. "This country is worth dying for," Snowden wrote. 

Capuchin Monkey
Little known fact: Capuchin monkeys like grape juice.
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