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Ice cream truck prank and baby woolly mammoth top links we love right now

Ice cream truck prank and baby woolly mammoth top links we love

Editor's note: There's so much that's beautiful, funny, smart and informative on the Internet. Problem is, there's also a bunch of garbage. Here's the best of the web right now.

1. Roman Atwood turns an ice cream truck into a cruel joke. Summer is the perfect time to patronize an ice cream truck — unless it's being manned by prankster extraordinaire Roman Atwood. In his latest hoodwink, Atwood turns an ice cream truck into a rolling produce section, extending broccoli stalks and heads of lettuce to very disappointed children.  

2. Well-preserved baby woolly mammoth carcass goes on display in Japan. Yuka is a 39,000-year-old female mammoth that died as a baby. Amazingly, the animal's carcass remains largely intact and even still has tuffs of woolly fur. The mammoth was discovered in the Sakha Republic of Russia in 2010 and recently went on display in Japan.

3. The only website you need to visit to know if the royal baby has been born. It's a simple concept really, but the Daily Beast is the only one who can take credit for coming up with it. Extra style points for the Lion King theme and for keeping us entertained with random news stories.

4. Awesome kid leads soccer stadium in chant. Apparently kids in the Netherlands don't suffer from shyness in front of crowds. Or perhaps the 35,000-person stadium is filled with his friends and family. Either way, the kid's got some serious pipes. 

5. This product proves that science and magic are the same thing. We've all fallen prey to an infomercial. But you should get a pass for Never Wet. The product actually makes me want to go out and buy enough chemicals to coat my car, jackets and, well, pretty much everything. Yes, it's highly toxic if ingested and could cause serious nerve damage. Did you watch the part of the video with the chocolate syrup? I need to experience that for myself, if it's the last thing I do.

6. Sharknado takes Twitter by storm. If you missed the premier of Sharknado on the SyFy channel, you can get a glimpse of all the fascinating plot twists by perusing Twitter. The title tells the story pretty well in itself — a shark-filled tornado makes landfall, chaos ensues.

Kid eating ice cream
This kid's unhappy with ice cream. Wait 'til we hand her a head of lettuce.
Baby woolly mammoth
A baby woolly mammoth is on display in Japan. Photo by El Cabrito