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SNL actors breaking character, Orange is The New Black and more links we love

SNL actors breaking character, Orange is The New Black and more links

Editor's note: There's so much that's beautiful, funny, smart and informative on the Internet. Problem is, there's also a bunch of garbage. Here's the best of the web right now.

1. SNL actors breaking character. Sure, you've seen Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell giggle like school girls during skits, but this video captures hilarious moments from the entirety of Saturday Night Live's history. And really, watching Fallon and Ferrell never gets old. 

2. According your handwriting, you're an intense, open-minded liar. Gawker delves into an interesting infographic detailing more than 5,000 personality traits that are reportedly reflected in one's penmanship. Everything from the way you dot your i's to cross your t's shows the inner workings of your dark, twisted soul. Score another point for technology, where we all look the part of the well-adjusted typist. 

3. Texas Ranger Tanner Scheppers loses a bar fight in Cleveland. You know, it's a good thing the Rangers hit a walk-off homerun to beat the reviled Los Angeles Angels on July 29, or else more people might be talking about pitcher Tanner Scheppers' off-field activities. Cleveland Scene magazine reports that Scheppers bit off more than he could chew outside a bar after 2 am. 

4. Scientific proof that prisoners are more cooperative than college students. This piece of research is guaranteed to have you regaling coworkers with tales of your obstinate roommate freshman year. A recent article in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization says that 55 percent of inmates are willing to solve a dilemma through cooperation while only 37 percent of college students are. 

5. Twenty-three surprising facts about Orange is The New Black. Speaking of prison, Buzzfeed has compiled a riveting list of heretofore unknown facts about the Netflix hit series based on Piper Kerman's book detailing her year in a women's prison. 

Orange is the new black star Taylor Schilling
Orange is the new black stars Taylor Schilling. OITNB/Facebook