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Dinosaur sex, stolen iPhone Tumblr and more links we love right now

Dinosaur sex, stolen iPhone Tumblr and more links we love right now

Editor's note: There's so much that's beautiful, funny, smart and informative on the Internet. Problem is, there's also a bunch of garbage. Here's the best of the web right now.

1. The subtle mysteries of dinosaur sex. We thought NPR understood everything. But apparently how a T-Rex made whoopie stumps our nation's public radio, along with leading scientists. In a book called My Beloved Brontosaurs, author Brian Switek considers how the prehistoric beasts got down and dirty. Huge dinosaur tails, often covered with spikes, are located right above the sex organs. This puts a new spin on the age-old question: How do you make love without getting hurt? 

2. Life of a stranger who stole my iPhone. Getting your smart phone jacked by a man named Hafid from Dubai would put most people in a bad mood. But the anonymous victim of this crime saw an opportunity and has created a viral Tumblr account using Hafid's photos, which automatically sync to a Dropbox. Spoiler alert: Hafid is a big fan of selfies and photographing his food. Thieves! They're just like us! 

3. Manning brothers sport mullets, rap for "Football on your phone" music video. The slow-jam, oddly ’80s themed video is a clever advertisement for DIRECTV's NFL Sunday. With 5.9 million viewers and counting, we're hoping the trend of ads disguised as absurd rap videos catches on.

4. Man who created own credit card contract sues bank for not sticking to terms. Dmitry Argarkov is a pretty crafty fellow. He managed to pull one over on Russia's Tinkoff Credit Systems by creating his own version of a credit card contract. The bank approved the terms — seemingly without ever reading them — and sent Argarkov a card that had an unlimited line of credit with no fees for late payments.

5. Unlucky bowling mishap ruins perfect game. Troy Walker was one strike away from a perfect 300 game at the 2013 Luci Bonneau Doubles Tournament in Houston. When the ball left his hand, it was headed straight down the center, seemingly destined to knock down every pin. But a freak accident caused the rack to come down before his ball connected with the pins.

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How dinosaurs procreated remains a mystery. Photo by © Gary Fountain
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One of the many entertaining images from "Life of a stranger who stole my iPhone." Tumblr
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