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George W. Bush gabs with Jay Leno about Dallas, painting and healthcare

Dubya gabs with Leno about Dallas, painting and healthcare

Former President George W. Bush likes to keep a low profile these days, but the 43rd POTUS decided to make an exception for Jay Leno. Bush was a special guest on the November 19 episode of The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

"I was pleasantly surprised that you actually accepted our invitation," Leno said. Bush responded that he was happy to oblige.

 "You're about to head out to pasture," Bush said to Leno, "and I just wanted to see what you looked like before you got to the gate."

"It's only because of you," Bush said. "You're about to head out to pasture, and I just wanted to see what you looked like before you got to the gate."

Joined by his wife, Laura, the former president and first lady chatted about their humanitarian work in Africa and Afghanistan as well as life in Dallas.

"Laura and I love living in Texas. Dallas is our home, and we're very comfortable there. We have a lot of friends there, and I really don't miss the spotlight."

The couple also discussed the former president's unexpected heart surgery in August. Laura called the experience stressful, but George said he wasn't scared. "Is that because you had Obamacare?" Leno joked. 

When Leno commented that Bush looked much more relaxed since leaving the White House, the former president got in another laugh. "Well, no kidding," Bush joked. "Duh." 

Of course, Leno pointed out that the late-night comedians such as himself are turning out jokes on Obama these days. "Better him than me," Bush said with a laugh. 

The interview culminated with Bush, who has recently revealed an aptitude for art, presenting a Leno with a portrait. 

George W. Bush on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
George W. Bush has taken up painting since leaving the White House. NBC/YouTube
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