Merry Christmas, Kim Jong-un

Every movie theater to see The Interview in Dallas and around Texas

Every movie theater in Texas to see Sony's The Interview

Alamo Drafthouse was one of the primary proponents of Sony Pictures' releasing The Interview, and the Austin-based theater chain got the lion's share of the credit when the studio finally decided to do so.

But since the announcement, independent and arthouse theaters around the country, including several others in the Dallas area, have also agreed to screen the Seth Rogen/James Franco comedy. That total has now exceeded 300 theaters.

In addition to Alamo Drafthouse in RichardsonThe Interview also will start showing on Christmas Day at Texas Theatre in Dallas, Look Cinemas in North Dallas and Venetian Cinemas in Carrollton. In fact, Texas Theatre was so dead-set on showing the film that they had to do a bit of last-minute fundraising in order to afford the projector necessary to show the film.

Alamo Drafthouse is the leader in the clubhouse when it comes to number of screenings, and the first eight — five on Christmas and three on December 26 — have already sold out. Every local theater, except for the Venetian, which stops on December 26, will show the film through at least December 29. Alamo promises showings through at least January 1.

The Verge has done yeoman's work in compiling a list of each and every theater that will be showing The Interview. If you happen to be traveling in-state during the holiday, below is a list of every city and theater in Texas that will have the film.

  • Abilene: Town & Country Drive-In Theater
  • Austin: Alamo Drafthouse Lakeline, Alamo Slaughter, Alamo South Lamar and Alamo Ritz
  • Conroe: Pine Hollow 6
  • Ennis: Galaxy Drive-In Theater.
  • Gainesville: D-Max 6 Theater
  • Houston: Alamo Vintage Park
  • Katy: Alamo Mason Park
  • Lubbock: Alamo Drafthouse
  • Missouri City: Star Cinema Grill
  • Mount Pleasant: Southside 6
  • New Braunfels: Alamo Marketplace
  • Portland: North Shore Cinema 8
  • San Antonio: Alamo Drafthouse Park North 8, Alamo Drafthouse Stone Oaks 6, Alamo Drafthouse Westlakes 9, City Base Cinema, Rialto Bistro 9 and Mayan Palace 13
  • Tomball: Silverado 19 Theater
  • Webster: Star Cinema 6

Additionally, Sony is said to be releasing the film via video on demand, meaning you can follow up your Christmas dinner by watching Kim Jong-un get cinematically killed in the comfort of your own home. 

UPDATE: Starting at noon CST on December 24, you will be able to stream The Interview at, via YouTube, Google Play and through your Microsoft Xbox video game console. It will be $5.99 to rent and $14.99 to buy.

The Interview_James Franco_Seth Rogen_Sony_2014
Christmas Day will be the time to see The Interview at independent and arthouse theaters in Texas and around the country. Courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment