End-of-Year Quiz

Test your Dallas smarts with our 2013 pop culture news quiz

Justin Terveen Dallas skyline
Photo by Justin Terveen
Victor pit bull mix at SPCA of Texas
Photo courtesy of SPCA of Texas
Mutt's Cantina in Dallas
Photo courtesy of Mutt's
Cristy Nicole Deweese
Dallas Cowboys sidelines
Photo courtesy of Dallas Cowboys
Texas Rangers fans
Texas Rangers/Facebook

Another year has come and gone. But before we usher in 2014, let’s see how well you can remember the comings and goings of 2013. 

What dog park controversially banned pit bulls from playing with other pups?

The dog park attached to Mutt's Cantina in Uptown has breed restrictions that keep pit bulls out of the off-leash play area.

Why was Dallas ISD Spanish teacher Cristy Deweese fired in the middle of the school year? 

Because the district discovered she once posed for Playboy when she was in college. Deweese has since moved to Hawaii. 

UCLA offered an unusual football scholarship to a high school freshman in 2013. What was his name and what school does he attend? Hint: This charming town square sits just a few miles away from the school. 

Lindell Stone of Southlake Carroll High School plays quarterback and was offered a scholarship fresh off a phenomenal eighth-grade season.

Who was the former University of Texas at Dallas graduate arrested for as the mastermind behind Silk Road, an online marketplace for drugs, guns and hitmen? 

Ross Ulbricht was arrested by the FBI. The complaint filed by the feds includes tales of murder-for-hire, sales that measured around $1.2 billion in two years, and high-quality narcotics traveling around the globe like a black market Amazon.

Dallas teams didn't have a great 2013, but our fair city did take home No. 1 in one sports-related category. What was it?

Dallas was crowned the best city in America for sports fans. The study analyzed the number of sports teams and sports bars as well as game attendance and ticket prices to determine the 12 best sports cities.