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Turn back the Clockwork

Get your 15 minutes when reticent Rush steps into the limelight at American Airlines Center

Rush is one of those under-the-radar bands that you almost forget about.

Maybe it’s because they’ve had the same three band members for the past 38 years without a whiff of nonmusical controversy. Or perhaps it’s the Canadian band’s aversion to self-promotion.

Whatever the reason, it bears mentioning that Rush is still relatively prolific in putting out new music. They've released four albums, including the current Clockwork Angels, since 2002.

 Rush recently announced that the Dallas concert will be one of two filmed for an upcoming live DVD.

You can get a taste for it, along with some of the classics, when Rush comes to town for the third-to-last concert on their North American Clockwork Angels tour. And here’s the cherry on top: Rush recently announced that the Dallas concert will be one of two filmed for an upcoming live DVD.

Regardless of the abundance of recent work, however, Rush’s presence in current pop culture is mostly due to the band’s early work.

Among Rush’s devoted fans is writer/director John Hamburg, who paid tribute to the band in I Love You, Man, in which the two main characters bond over their love for Rush. The band even made an appearance in the film, singing "Limelight" from their 1981 album, Moving Pictures.

For the record, if you think these guys deserve to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame — as it happens, they're on the ballot for induction in 2013 — then you can vote for them.

In the meantime, if you want to be part of this ubiquitous band’s history, get yourself some tickets to the November 28 show.

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