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DTX Giveaway 2012

November 25 giveaway: Refine your style with custom men’s shirts by Q Clothier and Rye 51

Q Custom Clothier in Dallas
Q Clothier does custom clothing based on 30 precise body measurements. Q Custom Clothier/Facebook
Q Clothier & Rye 51
The November 25 giveaway includes two custom shirts from Q Clothier. Photo by Conner Howell
Q Clothier & Rye 51
The November 25 giveaway also includes a custom shirt from Rye 51, Q's sportier sibling. Photo by Conner Howell
News_Dillon_Q Custom Clothier
The well-dressed man knows it all starts — and ends — with tailoring. Courtesy of
Q Custom Clothier in Dallas
Q Clothier & Rye 51
Q Clothier & Rye 51
News_Dillon_Q Custom Clothier

Editor’s Note: The Amazing Give-back Giveaway is a luxe sweepstakes that culminates with a grand-prize drawing Christmas Day. Enter once a day, every day, to win one of 31 fabulous gifts and experiences from some of Dallas’ most exclusive retailers.

The prize below is available only for November 25. So enter now, and share on Facebook to increase your chances of winning.

The well-dressed man knows it all starts — and ends — with tailoring. The difference of an inch here or there is often the only thing that separates a schlub from a sartorialist.

This is where two custom shirts from Q Clothier can come in handy. The result of meticulous attention to detail (including removable stays, single-needle stitching and genuine mother-of-pearl buttons), each hand-tailored design is based on no less than 30 precise body measurements.

Choose your favorite fabrics from the world’s finest mills and get ready to watch the magic happen. You’ll even receive a slightly more casual shirt from Rye 51, Q’s stylish, sportier sibling.

The value of this well-tailored package? $550. Dressing for success without breaking a sweat? Priceless.

Enter now for your chance to win.

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