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American CEOs name Texas the best state for business yet again

American CEOs name Texas the best state for business yet again

Texas postcard
Texas is already racking up the accolades in 2013. Jack and Friends

We don't mean to brag, but Texas has a lot going for it. Okay, maybe we'll just brag a little bit. For the ninth year in a row, Texas has been named the Best State for Business by Chief Executive magazine.

More than 700 CEOs around the nation weighed in on the 2013 survey, which measured taxation and regulation, workforce quality, living environment, GDP and unemployment. 

"This vote of confidence from business leaders across the nation further highlights that Texas is the epicenter for economic prosperity in this country," Texas Gov. Rick Perry said in a statement.

As is wont to happen when you continually dominate rankings, there are some Texas haters out there. For example, one CEO said "Texas is consistently, and vastly, overrated by most surveys. The quality of workforce and living environment are inferior to many other states."

But there were so many fantastic things said about the Lone Star State that we had to narrow it down to our five favorite anonymous pieces of praise. In a nutshell: Eat your heart out, New Mexico. 

Texas still stands head and shoulders above others in their business climate, employee work ethics and living environment.

Texas is best by far. No other state is even close.

A number of my friends do business in both California and Texas. Their experiences are causing them to move as much of their operations to Texas as they can. I only invest in California if I have to!

Texas has it ‘right’ on all fronts.

Texas is the best place to do business, recruit talent, every metric, hands down. New Mexico is our home state and they try, but it just has not yet happened like in Florida, Nevada and Texas.