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Mark Cuban discusses unconventional politics and his love-hate relationship with Donald Trump

Mark Cuban on unconventional politics and love-hate with Donald Trump

Mark Cuban on Shark Tank
Mark Cuban talked politics on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto.
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Donald Trump regularly chides Mark Cuban, who insists it is all in good fun. Photo by Virginia Sherwood/NBC Universal Inc.
Mark Cuban on Shark Tank
News_Donald Trump_knockout

Never one to sit on hands during offseason, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban stopped by Fox Business Network on August 26 to chat with anchor Neil Cavuto about a range of political topics, revealing a slightly more serious person than we are used to rounding up news about.

Let’s start with his opinion that a third political party is necessary.

“I don’t think that anybody fully identifies with either party any longer, and both parties have taken the position that they have to be pure,” Cuban said. “There’s no room for impurities at all, and I think that means most people aren’t fully represented. I’d love to see a third party formed; call it the GDI that really says that parties and people don’t have to be perfect. Let’s just go out there and try to solve problems.”

 “Donald Trump is like that guy in your group of friends that everybody picks on but still likes,” Cuban said.

Very insightful, Cubes.

Speaking of attempts at a third party, Cavuto couldn’t resist asking Cuban about Donald Trump’s latest legal battle. Trump University is being sued for fraud by the New York attorney general. Surprisingly enough, Cuban remained fairly coy on the subject.

“I don’t know enough about the details. I guess you guys could put out a call for graduates of Trump University to see if anybody stands up for it, and if you’ve got people that come out and stand up for it, then it accomplishes something. And, if not, then you’ll know.”

No one can forget Cuban and Trump’s epic Twitter feud earlier in the year, when Trump called Cuban a little girl and a loser. But despite all of this water under the bridge, Cuban seemed to take the high road when asked about jabs thrown between the two billionaires.

“I love to pick on him,” Cuban said. “I like Donald; it’s not that I don’t like him. He’s like that guy in your group of friends that everybody picks on but still likes. He’s not in touch with pop culture enough, so you can make really simple references.”

Of course, the interview would not have been complete without a little questioning about what “jazzes” Cuban.

“I’m the most competitive person that you will ever meet,” Cuban said. “I would love to compete, and I would love to kick your ass.”

When Cavuto immediately followed with questions regarding the millions in fines he has racked up for being an unconventional and vocal owner, Cuban had one word for him: “So?”

Now that’s the Mavs owner we have grown to know and love.