Can You Hear Me Now?

Dallasites love their smartphones and tablets more than anyone else in U.S.

Dallasites love smartphones and tablets more than anyone else in U.S.

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More than three-quarters of Dallasites have some sort of smartphone.

When one thinks technology, places like Palo Alto and Seattle spring to mind. Even in Texas, Austin is the powerhouse for early adopters, app developers and code writers. But according to a new study, Dallas is tops in the country when it comes to smartphone and tablet adoption.

In an online survey from SOASTA, a web and mobile app testing company, Dallas rated No. 1 out of 10 major markets for smartphone and tablet usage. Seventy-six percent of Dallasites have a smartphone, and 48 percent own a tablet of some sort.

In the “no duh” results category, Dallas also led the pack with 97 percent of survey takers saying they would delete an app that didn’t work well or had frequent technical issues. Overall, 91 percent of survey takers said they would do the same, while a stubborn 9 percent most likely insisted that they liked the app that way.

Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., rounded out the top three for smartphone adoption, with 66 and 64 percent, respectively. D.C. and Chicago were second and third for tablet use, with 43 and 39 percent, respectively.

Houston was content to be average (as always) and clocked in at fifth for smartphones (62 percent) and ninth in tablets (34 percent). Other cities in the top 10 include New York, Atlanta, Boston, San Francisco and Philadelphia.